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The Claim Your Cleavage Movement!

Marilyn Before After Pic I'd like to welcome you fabulous friends to the Claim Your Cleavage Movement! Within this site you'll discover my trials and triumphs. You will recognize me as the "Jilted Bride" on Dr. Phil, you'll learn how I was left at the alter & how I became infamous for my positive attitude as I threw "The Broken Heart Ball!" You'll also see how I was then thrown into a depression, I spent 7 1/2 years stuck. I gained a lot of weight. In 2011 I turned it around losing 129 pounds, I was inspired by my positive way-of-life methods, I am now sharing with the world in my book: Cleavage! A Way Of Life. So come join me in the Claim Your Cleavage Movement! Change your life! Live your dreams! You can make it happen! Yours truly with Cleavage, Love & Appreciation! ~ OX Marilyn A. Chivetta

CLEAVAGE – A Way Of Life!

Inside the pages of “Cleavage” are the humorous thoughts of an unprecedented fabulous woman who is changing the world’s perspective one person at a time with her inspiring story!

Discover for yourself the daily inspirations that kept Marilyn on track in losing 129 pounds and transforming her life!


Marilyn As Seen on Dr. Phil…

Chivetta’s latest appearance on The Dr. Phil Show aired Wednesday, January 11, 2012 at 3pm on CBS.  This episode, highlights Marilyn's multiple talents including the "Hottest Woman on Earth" fire eating and an escape from a strait jacket.  Dr. Phil also highlights Marilyn's latest achievement - losing 129 pounds in 10 months!