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Empowering Woman Of Faith, Inspiring Author, Amazing Lady
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"The most creative mind of our times." The Disney Corporation

The Claim Your Cleavage Movement!

Marilyn Before After Pic Miss Marilyn is an EMPOWERING speaker, A woman of FAITH & an INSPIRING Author! Welcome you FABULOUS friends to the "Claim Your Cleavage" Movement! Within this site you'll discover my trials and triumphs. You will recognize her as the "Jilted Bride" on from the internet & television. You'll learn how she was left at the alter & how she became infamous for my positive attitude as she threw "The Broken Heart Ball!" You'll also learn how she was then thrown into a depression, she spent 7 1/2 years stuck as she dealt with my son's broken heart, and was involved in a horrific car accident. She also gained a lot of weight. In 2011 she turned it around losing 129 pounds. And, this is just the beginning of her story, she caught on fire when I was 21 and was told she would die that night. She was in a horrible car accident that left me in a wheel chair for four years and when my son was one we buried his Father. Miss Marilyn has always turned her TRIALS into TRIUMPHS! She always looks at the positive in any situation, she leans on her FAITH. she is inspiring, her positive way-of-life methods are one-of-a-kind & she is now sharing these SECRETS with the world! Cleavage! A Way Of Life. So come join me in the Claim Your Cleavage Movement! Change your life! Live your dreams! You can make it happen!


Marilyn As Seen on Dr. Phil…

Miss Marilyn's latest appearance on The Dr. Phil Show featured highlights of her multiple talents including the act she has performed around the world " The Hottest Woman on Earth!" Fire - Eating and A 30 second ESCAPE from a strait jacket! these are just two examples are just a few of Miss Marilyn's many talents!  Dr. Phil also celebrates Marilyn's latest achievement - losing 129 pounds in 10 months!

Marilyn is the "Make It Happen" Woman Of Our Time, let her teach you or your company or church her secrets to SUCCESS! Her passion is contagious & her INSPIRING stories of overcoming tragedy in a positive manner, will change the way you live you life daily!



A SamplingOf Previous Clients:

NBC, CBS, ABC, MTV, Monsanto, Boeing, Deloitte & Touche, Maritz, Microsoft, Pfizer, Adepco, Sony, Nestle, Ritz Carlton, Phillips Petroleum, Anhueser Busch, Nabisco, Bussman Fusz, Walmart Corporation, Panera Bread, Nestle, The Jim Stafford Theatre, The Riviera Casino, Just Poure Rire Montreal Comedy Festival, The Funny Bone, The San remo Casino, The Dunes casino, The Monte Carlo, Bally's Casino, Silver Dollar City, Walt Disney Corporation, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Cypress Gardens, Silver Dollar City, Knotts Berry Farm, Universal Studios, Six Flags, Fairs, Festivals, Schools & Churches around the country